The Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committee, Ludhiana was formed in February, 1976 under the aegis of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi for the welfare of the Central Govt. Employees deployed is different Central Government Offices situated at Ludhiana. The major objective of this committee to  address the various problems of all the employees,  retired or working in Central Govt. offices. There are about 50 Central govt offices working in Ludhiana city.

Present Chairman of the Committee is Sh. Vikram Gaur, who is Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Ludhiana.  Secretary of the committee is Sh. A.P.Sharma, who is the General Manager, Central Tool Room,  Ludhiana. There are 06 Executive Members of committee from various Central Govt. offices in Ludhiana.

Meetings of the coordination committee are being conducted at regular intervals . The Venue of the meeting is use to be Income Tax office at Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana. Apart from addressing the issues of employees, the The house decides about the additional  regional  holidays, sports activities, cultural activities etc. The office bearers of the committee works on the rotation policy.

The new team of the offices bearers which was constituted vide meeting dated 09.02.2022 energetically taken up all the previous issues of the Central govt. Employees in Ludhiana. The website of the committee under the name is also working.